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B2B Market Research Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe and the World

B2B Market Research
Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe and the World
We provide analytics of 18 industries in 19 countries!
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A secret to AIM’s high quality data lies in deep understanding of peculiarities in various market segments. Our specialists have an expert level of knowledge and can provide you with reliable solutions for those markets which are within a range of your interests.
Deep specialization in industrial markets – construction (translucent constructions, glass, thermal insulation, etc), climate equipment, energy efficiency, agribusiness, metallurgy, packaging, automobile industry and others;
Own vast network of professionals and experts in various industries – more than 180000 experts in 19 countries;
International coverage – AIM’s representative offices in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany;
Cooperation with leading European research agencies;
Own contact center AIM Connect for conducting marketing research;
Being a member of ESOMAR and UAM, AIM complies with the ethical and professional principles and standards of doing research;
Own AIM Academy for holding seminars and trainings on marketing analytics and research.
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Our Clients Testimonials
Galleria Porcellanato
The Agency of Industrial Marketing made diagnostics of design and architecture industry for us. We received valuable information which helped us concentrate our efforts on most active target segment and in such a way increase work effectiveness of sales department. Among the benefits of cooperation with AIM we would like to emphasize the wish of the team to look into the client’s problem and search for the best solution. The data were provided in a timely manner and in a convenient format.
To be successful in the market we must clearly understand its main trends, structure and changes. That is why in our activity on the regular basis we use analytical data on the markets we work in. The results of Ukrainian sheet glass market research provided by the Agency of Industrial Marketing give us an opportunity to profoundly and deeply analyze the structure of the market and make effective strategic decisions as for our further activity.
Our cooperation with the research company AIM opened up an opportunity for us to deeply analyze the structure of the thermal insulation market in Ukraine. On the ground of AIM’s data we observe the market situation in various segments and products, evaluate our position in the market and make decisions. It is worth mentioning that the data are provided in a convenient format which allows us to model information ourselves for further analysis.
A significant part of information about the dynamics of thermal insulation market development is provided by the Agency of Industrial Marketing. Among the main advantages of the cooperation with AIM we mark a high level of competence and responsibility of the company’s employees, reliability and timeliness of the information provided, a convenient presentation of the information, a quick reaction to our requests and flexible price policy.
AIM has a qualification of a marketing consultant who understands the subtleties of industrial markets and has sufficient knowledge about modern solutions in the field of industrial business. For our company AIM conducted the research of the Ukrainian market of automobile and special machinery. The results we got helped us timely to make the analysis of the market structure and volume. We recommend AIM as a reliable partner and competent expert in the market of special machinery and equipment.