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AIM | About

The Agency of Industrial Marketing (AIM) specializes in marketing research of industrial markets and consulting. Since 1997 the Agency has been providing its clients with high-quality data and marketing support. Own contact center AIM Connect provides services of lead generation, hotline, loyalty measurement, information and marketing support.
Industrial focus
Due to its deep industrial competence and vast expert network, AIM has gained the reputation of a marketing expert in more than 18 industries in 19 countries (CIS, Europe, Baltic States, Asia). Our analytical reports and marketing services are used in leading international companies in the fields of construction, lighting, climate engineering, agribusiness, energy efficiency and others.
AIM is a vertically integrated company offering 17 unique services to its clients. It is a marketing platform where business can obtain market analytics, plan and conduct its marketing activities, manage customer loyalty, test ideas and products, and undergo training. We help companies integrate analytical information into their decision-making system.
AIM Analytics
The success of a business depends on how top management knows the market, understands its trends, and whether they have the ability to see opportunities for growth. Comprehensive marketing research, analysis and regular monitoring of industrial markets will help to build competitive strategies based on reliable, up-to-date information.
Contact Center AIM Connect
Contact Center is an indispensable element in managing customer experience, assessing the loyalty level of customers, partners and personnel of the company, and also in lead generation and marketing research. AIM Connect offers a range of high quality services to meet your business needs to the best advantage.
Transfer pricing
As an expert in market analysis, AIM helps businesses prepare quality transfer pricing documentation and minimize the risk of unpredictable taxes. We prepare the whole package of documents or its separate sections depending on your needs.
AIM Academy
Education is one of the most important values of AIM, because in the continuous education we see the development of each of us, the development of our company and our clients' companies. The work of AIM Academy is based on the principles of constant self-improvement, openness and promotion of the general culture of marketing in society.
AIM Laboratory
We see our mission not only in collecting and analyzing market data, but also in helping businesses integrate this data into the corporate information system of companies - CRM and ERP - and use analytical market information to maximize its effectiveness in decision-making process.
AIM Incubator
AIM is a marketing platform where customers can develop and test new products and services in our ecosystem with a wide array of marketing tools. We also help with fundraising and provide marketing support to our customers and partners.
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